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carl wilson

 Carl is a London based photographer and videographer. Carl’s routes are in skateboarding which can clearly be seen throughout his personal work, he likes to make his subjects feel at ease and create natural imagery of intimate moments which don’t feel staged. Carl is passionate about the skate and surf industries, and this translates through his music work, through his time spent in his youth on skate tours he is used to being in intimate scenarios and capturing moments without being intrusive. Carl likes to challenge his subjects which can be seen in his music press shoots, he excels at capturing his subjects in fun and different imagery to get away from staged shoots. Carl works across music, fashion, portraiture and commercial, Carl thrives on working with large commercial clients and bringing out the brief to it’s full element 


Some of Carl’s clients include; Vice Magazine, Garnier, Armani, Farah, Santa Cruz, Warner Music and more

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